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Convenient and portable iron

Convenient and portable iron

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The essential accessory

Featuring wet and dry ironing functionality, you can be sure to always look flawless no matter where you are. With its one-touch spray system, you can quickly iron clothes for a perfect result in no time. In addition, our mini iron is also ideal for ironing curtains, vertical and horizontal hangings for a perfectly smooth and flawless finish.

Quick and efficient use

The panel heats up quickly for fast, smooth ironing results, while our constant temperature system prevents overheating and damage to clothes. Plus, our mini iron has a 60ml all-in-one water tank, so you can keep an eye on how much water you're using for precise ironing.

Suitable for narrow areas

The pointed arc design of our mini iron is perfect for narrow areas such as buttons, plackets and collars for easy and flexible ironing. Compact and easy to carry , our mini iron is ideal for travel, business trips or everyday use. With its small size and compact design, our portable mini iron fits easily in a backpack or suitcase, allowing you to always be spotless no matter where you go.

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